From simple notifications over to-do management to complex workflows in Microsoft Dynamics NAV – this is agilesWorkflow

agilesWorkflow shows transparent your individual business procesesses in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and guides your employees through their daily work. You decide how detailed your business processes will be set and on which event in Microsoft Dynamics NAV a workflow should be automatically created. You define the start condition for the workflow. A workflow consists of minimum one to-do or of more than 100 to-do's, depending from the business procesess, alwasy tailor-made on your company.

Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Parts of a workflow:

  • to-do
  • start condition
  • to-do group


Parts of a to-do:

  • What should be done?
  • Who is responsible?
  • When is the to-do started?
  • How long does the to-do takes?
  • Which to-do type?

These to-do types helps to define a to-do:

  • Manuel compelation
    for e.g. to-do's they only need to confirm by the user
  • Field examination
    Define and valide mandatory fields
  • Date Monitoring
    Check two dates against each other
  • Document storage
    Upload documents automatically or decide manually for the right document
  • Decision
    Employees decide something which depends the following process

agilesWorkflow is so flexible like your business processes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

From small workflow processes are often to notify an employee for e.g.: customer data has been changed, sales prices expired, credit limit exceeded to simple to-do management from workflows for e.g.: new item, new project, new employee and complex Workflow processes like for e.g.: Product development, Invoice approval, Purchase order management, Sales Claim Process.

Illustration of a simple workflow
Illustration of a complex workflow

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