Frequently Asked Questions about agilesWorkflow


General Questions

What is agilesWorkflow?

agilesWorkflow manages, simplifies, and automates the flow or progress of work done by a company, departments, or employees in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. agilesWorkflow is fully integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution and works seamlessly with standard NAV functionality as well as customized solutions and other ISV / add-on solutions.

What is a workflow?

Workflow is the definition, execution, and automation of a business process where tasks or documents are passed from one individual or team to another, according to a set of business rules or procedures.

How is workflow triggered?

Workflow is triggered in two different ways. The first is if an event occurs within Microsoft Dynamics NAV that meets a workflow condition. This workflow condition has been predetermined according to your business rules and will trigger a workflow if your condition is met. An example of this would be a customer that has gone over their credit limit. When the customer’s balance exceeds their credit limit, both a notification email and a task in Microsoft Dynamics NAV are routed to the task owner for action.The second way to trigger a workflow is a default workflow. This means that a workflow will be triggered each and every time a new record is created, or an existing one is modified according to your business rules. An example of a default workflow would be a new customer workflow, which is triggered every time a new customer is entered into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and you want to follow a process to onboard them. You can ensure customer fields are filled out properly, predetermined credit limit and payment terms are set, you maintain a credit application on file and even approve a customer when all necessary steps are completed.

agilesWorkflow is certified by Microsoft, what does this mean?

agilesWorkflow is the workflow solution Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This means the agilesWorkflow solution has been proven, tested and is recommended for Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners and clients.

Can agilesWorkflow be used for other ERP solutions as well?

At this time, agilesWorkflow is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution only. Our focus is to make workflow in Microsoft Dynamics NAV the best it can be. There are no current plans to extend into other ERP solutions.

How does agilesWorkflow greatly reduce the needs for customizations in Microsoft Dynamics NAV?
agilesWorkflow allows you to create processes and notifications from the client vs in the code. You determine your business need, design it and then implement it without the need for costly and time-consuming customizations. Why would you want to reduce customizations, you ask? Because the more unique you make your system, the harder it is to upgrade and take advantage of new and innovative features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the harder it is to maintain a customized system. agilesWorkflow doesn’t necessarily eliminate the need for modifications, but the footprint of customizations becomes adding fields instead of lines of code. Please see the Reduce Customizations with agilesWorkflow Factsheet for more information.

Can I have a trial license for agilesWorkflow?
Because agilesWorkflow is seamlessly embedded into your Microsoft Dynamics NAV database, you would have to integrate objects and have your NAV license updated to include agilesWorkflow. Once the modules are on your license, we cannot take them off. So, we do not have the ability to allow you to trial agilesWorkflow in your own database. Should you desire a more hands-on experience with agilesWorkflow, please contact our sales team to schedule a webinar where you can take workflow for a test drive. This would be on a standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 Cronus NA database.

I want agilesWorkflow, how do I get it?
Please contact your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner or contact us directly through our online contact form


Implementation & Training Questions

What kind of training is available for agilesWorkflow?
There are both web and class training options available for agilesWorkflow. For more information please visit our training information page.

What is the implementation process for agilesWorkflow?
Implementation consists of two parts. The first part is an object merge which will be completed by your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner. The object merge generally takes 2-4 hours for a standard implementation or, depending on the complexity and customization of your system, would need to be quoted. Once the object merge is complete the initial agilesWorkflow setup can be imported in and modified per your business needs. The entire setup process typically takes 30 minutes to an hour. After the setup you are ready to begin building your workflows. Or you may opt to import one or more of our standard template workflows and modify as needed. For a listing of our standard workflows, see the FAQ “Does agilesWorkflow come with any template workflows?”

Do I need to be a programmer to write workflows?
agilesWorkflow was created so that the customer could build their own workflows. With the proper training customers are able to build the workflows that they need to more successfully run their businesses. To inquire about training, please visit our training page.

Does agilesWorkflow come with any workflow templates?
Yes! We provide 16 templated workflows from various business areas.

  • New Vendor Process Workflow – When you create a new vendor record, step through a process to ensure vendor master fields are entered properly and vendor documents are attached to the vendor record.
  • Stock Reorder Notification – When stock levels reach a reorder point, agilesWorkflow creates a notification and task to order more inventory.
  • Customer Over Credit Limit Notification – Receive a notification when a customer’s balance exceeds their predetermined credit limit.
  • Inventory Lot No. Expired – Don’t let expired stock sit around your warehouse! Let agilesWorkflow notify you before stock expires so you can action on it before you lose money.
  • New Customer Process Workflow – Similar to the New Vendor Workflow, ensure customer records are set up properly, customer documents are stored with the customer record and a customer is approved for use.
  • New Employee Process Workflow – Onboard a new employee following a set of steps to get paperwork filled out, orientation scheduled, network access configured and more. If the hire is a manager level, you get a task to order a cell phone or if they are union employees, you can take additional steps to obtain union information.
  • Pre-Sales Shipment Workflow – Ensure a shipment is fully ready to ship before shipment day. Reminders to book shipping truck, enter package tracking information and if it’s a Foreign customer, additional tasks remind you to prepare export documentation.
  • Customer Complaint Workflow – No matter how hard we try, sometimes we receive customer complaints. The best way to make a customer happy is to give them attention until the issue is resolved. agilesWorkflow can help you navigate through a customer service tree through to problem resolution, all in a timely manner where you can’t forget a step.
  • Customer Field Change Notification – monitor the customer master record for specific field changes and send a notification to appropriate team members.
  • Order Promise/Order Request Notification – agilesWorkflow monitors the relationship of the Order Promised, Order Requested and Actual Shipment Date to send a notification only if the shipping date falls outside predetermine parameters. If you ship too early or too late, you can proactively call your customer to let them know before it causes problems.
  • Monthly Account Management Phone Call – let agilesWorkflow create recurring reminders to call your Top 25% Customer Accounts. Once you close a task, another is automatically created reminding you to make the next call.
  • Payment Authorization Workflow – Require approval to make a payment in excess of $1,000 (or any amount you desire).
  • New Manufactured Item Workflow – When new Production Order item is entered into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, follow a setup process and ensure Quality Control tests are passed prior to item approval.
  • Purchase Order Approval – Require PO approvals based on tiered line item amounts. Escalate approvals to a Department Manager, then the CFO and if needed, the CEO.
  • EOM/EOY Process – While there is no period closing process in standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV, agilesWorkflow can take a manual period closing process and systematize it such that tasks occur in a timely manner and you can move onto the next period with no outstanding issues.

All templates are provided in .xml format for importing into your business system. They can then be modified as needed for your own business process needs. These same workflows are used in our training courses to learn agilesWorkflow.

Technical Questions

What versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV does agilesWorkflow work with?
agilesWorkflow actively supports the last two versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For clarification, please contact us or your agilesWorkflow partner.

Does agilesWorkflow work with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic or RoleTailored Client?
agilesWorkflow supports both the Classic Client as well as the RoleTailor Client.

Are there any operating system requirements to run agilesWorkflow?
The requirements to run agilesWorkflow are the same as those required to run Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 or later
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2 or later
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 or later
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate) SP1 or later
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008. All on X86 or running 32 bit on X64.

Are there any hardware requirements to run agilesWorkflow?
The requirements to run agilesWorkflow are the same as those required to run Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

  • RoleTailored Client: Minimum 30 MB hard disk space, 1 GB memory
  • Classic Client: About 250 MB hard disc space for full installation (including 2 language modules) or about 110 MB hard disc space for minimal installation (including two language modules).

For clarification, please contact your agilesWorkflow partner.

Are there any modules necessary when purchasing agilesWorkflow?
Yes, you will be adding the agilesWorkflow Foundation module to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV license. That will add approx. 646 new objects to your license for agilesWorkflow. Because agilesWorkflow is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft no longer charges a module fee for the objects necessary to run agilesWorkflow. Additionally, you must have one dedicated NAS per company you want to run workflow in.

For BRL (Business Ready Licensing) nothing else is required. For customers on the old Module Based Licensing, a customer must also have the following modules on their license to be able to run agilesWorkflow:

  • Module 5110 Contact Management
  • Module 5150 Task Management

Contact your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner for detailed module pricing information or to order these modules