Training from agilesWorkflow experts

Whether for a new or existing agiles partner or a new or existing agiles customer (through a NAV partner), we provide training services at a number of levels.

  • Entry level:
    Oriented to the non-technical, NAV user. This may be accounting, inventory control, warehouse personnel who are the ultimate users of the workflows. Training covers the fields on a to-do that will be assigned to a user. They will learn how to navigate to records generating the workflow to-do and how to complete such things as mandatory field checking, document storage and examination as well as manual completion.
  • Intermediate level:
    Oriented to technical, IT, developer or power user. Training covers installation, setup, configuration, monitoring, basic support as well as designing a basic workflow.
    Prerequisite: Entry level training. This will enable customer or partner personnel to train entry level staff.
    Depending on the technical capability of the student, this course will run for a full day with a follow-up on a second and perhaps a third day. Although the 2nd and 3rd days can run contiguously, we recommend that they be split up. The reason for this is to allow the student time to try the examples and scenarios. Of course, this will be tailored to the partner’s availability and scheduling needs.
  • Senior level:
    Oriented to NAV partners and developers. Training covers design, development and implementation of more complex workflows and customizations into NAV forms, pages, reports and codeunit.

Please contact your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner for detailed module pricing information or to order these modules. 

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